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Life Sim Devblog #3 – Air Conditioning, GUI Changes

Heating and Cooling System

Well, we needed a way to cool down and heat up rooms. I started on a heating, cooling and ventilation system. The picture above was a big help to me with understanding how AC and Heating works in real life. Basically here’s how it works. You need to buy an Air Conditioner for cooling rooms, and a Furnace for heating rooms. AC’s should gbo outside, while furnaces should be inside. You then need to place vents for the rooms you want to cool / heat. After that, you need to run air ducts through the walls that are attached to your AC and Furnace.

The AC and Furnace generate actual airflow through the air ducts. If your house is big, but your AC and Furnace do not create enough air pressure, then the rooms will either take longer to cool or won’t get cooled at all. On the flip side, if you have a very expensive AC/Furnace, but a small house, you run the risk of creating TOO MUCH air pressure and breaking your AC/Furnace.

It must be a balanced system, and things CAN go wrong. But, I hope it will be rewarding for players to find that balance, and create effecting heating and cooling for their house.


Prototype #1 – Main Source that generates current that flows through the blocks

This was the first prototype. I’ll probably use this one for electricity (minecraft redstone system).

Prototype #2 – Main source that generates pressure that flows through blocks, but needs more pressure to keep current flowing, and then ends at a vent

On the top left you’ll see two variables. These affect the speed and power of the source (AC/Furnace). Air is the number of air pressure it generates at once. Flow Power is how fast it generates air. Vents also have their own flow power. This leaves room for different tiers of air ducts and vents, some allowing air to flow faster and others slower.


The numbers you see on the air ducts are the air pressure inside that duct. If an air duct has 1 pressure, it keeps it. If it has more than 1, it passes it down. The video also will show, on the right, how the system impacts the temperature of the room.

I decided to add air ducts to every wall automatically. It just didn’t seem fun to add them manually.


The thermostat has 3 main settings: Cool, Fan and Heat. Cool and Fan activate your AC unit, and Heat activates your furnace. Fan will blow air from outside in and quickly make the temperature of your rooms the same as outside. The thermostat works just like one in real life. Set the temperature to something, and it’ll either cool or heat to that temperature!

Sound Effects & AC Animation

I added some sound effects to the AC unit and vents. If you are nearby, you’ll hear them. Turn your speakers up for this one. It’s meant to be subtle. Also added an animation for when the AC turns on.

Electricity will play a role

If I can finish this up this week, I’ll start working on electricity. This will ALL be powered by electricity. Wires will be ran through your walls, and outlets. If you don’t have power, none of this will function.

GUI Changes

The text on the side started piling up with information. I decided to incorporate it into the GUI of the game rather than ugly text.



Life Sim Devblog #2: Seasons, Weather and Climate


It’s been forever since I worked with particles. But, here it is! So far I have rain and snow. I am still working on storms, hail, wind and any other weather events I can think of πŸ™‚


The rain and sound effects slow to a stop.
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The snow will accumulate on the ground, and then slowly melt over time. I still need to link this up with the climate so that it only melts when the temperate is above 32F.
Download this on Marketplace


A lot went into that little temperature number! Basically, every day at 8:00AM a script is ran that considers the month and season, and then comes up with the high and low temperature of that day. It also has a chance of rain. There’s also a chance of RARE weather which causes extreme temperatures. For example, in the month of March there’s a 4% chance that on any given day that the temperatures will drop to an extreme low. Then, there’s a random chance that it may snow on that same day.

Actually, there’s a chance it may snow ANY time the temperatures fall below 32F.

Also, the temperature drops after 11PM at night. Still working on the system, but I’m getting pretty happy with it.

What I’ll need to work on next is making the game recognize enclosed spaces like the players home, and then have a way to affect the temperature of the different rooms so the player doesn’t freeze to death πŸ™‚


I worked on this Monday at Panera Bread! Plant life will cycle through its life cycle based on when it was planted, and what season it is. The ground also changes based on the time of year.

Ground Changing: Layer Transparency

So, GameMaker Studio 2 does not have a way to set the alpha of an entire layer (What gives, YYG?). So, this can only be accomplished through shaders. Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest shaders to make. However, when you’ve NEVER worked with shaders, it’s a pretty annoying obstacle. So basically I made a shader that allows you to set the transparency of an entire layer.

I then have TWO layers “layer_ground” and “layer_ground_next”. So the month before a new season, every day the variable that sets the transparency lowers. So layer_ground slowly becomes invisible, so you can see layer_ground_next. Once that variable reaches 0, layer_ground becomes the same value as layer_ground_next, and layer_ground_next becomes the ground for the NEXT season. Then I reset the transparency variable. πŸ™‚

If you want this shader, I did the work for and you can grab it on the marketplace. However, as I said, it’s actually an easy thing to make yourself if you want to challenge yourself to learn. But, I totally would have bought this to save me the 2 hours!
Download this on Marketplace

Room Detection

This was a big one. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve seen lots of post about this. In fact, I even made a Youtube Video about it. Though the video does a good job explaining what’s going on, I rewrote most of the code after making that video.

Basically, what room detection allows me to do is store a unique ID for each room. With that, I can name rooms, set the temperature/climate of each room, detect what items are in each room, know if a room is ‘messy’ or ‘clean’. And lots more!

Here’s what it looks like so far in game (the bottom right tells you what room your mouse is over):

From here, I need to add the ability to change the temperature of rooms, then add heating and air, then make players react to extreme temperatures.

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Room Temperatures

I went ahead and separated room temperatures from outside temperatures. Next is to program air conditioning and heating.

Marketplace and Patreon


To fund the odds and ends of this project, I’m throwing things I’ve made on the game on the Marketplace. I’ve mainly been buying other things in the marketplace, or sound effects and sprite sets. I also would like to hire some artists later on to help with some graphic work. Any support is HIGHLY appreciated!
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For those who support me on Patreon, you get access to everything I’m putting on the marketplace for free as a thank you for your support!
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Special Thanks

Thank you KaiSch for becoming one of my Patrons!

Life Sim / Survival Game Update – 3/29/19


I’ve made improvements to the inventory system. It’s actually just a 16 sized ds_list containing the “id” if each other. That ID links to a ds_grid with all the info of that item, such as its name, sprite, and stats.

+ Ability to move around inventory
+ Split stacks and move them
+ Swap items around

Health System

I’m pretty excited about this. The health tab let’s you see how your character is feeling. You can select the body part. There are 5 areas you can check: Head, Chest, Gut, Legs and Arms. If you are injured or sick it will glow red. You can click the body part and it will tell you what’s wrong.

There’s also a 6 slot inventory in the health tab where bandages / medicine will automatically go when picked up.


Added stackable notifications to display info such as when you purchase something / events. I also added Stackable Notifications on GameMaker Marketplace. You can check it out here.

Buy Mode: Info Boxes

Nice little info boxes to added to items in buy mode πŸ™‚

NEW PROJECT! Survival Life Sim Game!

I will be posting regular dev blogs for my latest project, which is a Survival Life Simulation Game! So far I have just been making the basic mechanics of the game, but expect weekly updates on the blog and YouTube!

What is this game?
Think The Sims and a survival game had a baby! You will have some property in which you make a house, furnish it, and then.. live! The goal of the game is to stay healthy mentally, physically, financially, socially and emotionally! This game will have consequences and the environment will be opposing you. Sometimes it will feel down-right unfair. The game is about making a story. For example, you could accidentally be exposed to toxic radiation, get a life-threatening illness, and suddenly you are burdened with medical bills. Hopefully, you made enough money to have health insurance!

Every play-through you will learn something new, and play accordingly. I’d like every play-through to feel completely different than the last.

Here are some gifs:

What happened to the Indie MMO?

I owe you all, who have been following this project, an explanation as to why there hasn’t been an update in so long.

First, thank you for the support, and input. Your time and thoughts are highly appreciated and will help me in future projects!

I made the stupid mistake of storing all the game files in Dropbox. That way I could work on the project on my laptop and desktop, and figured if my harddrive went down (which is how I lost a project before) I wouldn’t lose the source code. Well, I ended up putting Dropbox on about 3 other computers where other people were also using dropbox. As files were constantly syncing from device to device, HUNDREDS of files just disappeared. I tried looking for “deleted files” in Dropbox, but could find none. They’re simply gone. These are all, mainly, extremely important scripts that I could never sit and rewrite without just remaking the entire game.

I was keeping backups, but my last backup is not a starting place I want for the game. I learned A LOT from this project. I mean, a lot. In the 10+ years I’ve used GM, I had never made an inventory system before. And to make a fully working inventory system that synced with multiplayer for my first go at it was an achievement I’m proud of.

Where am I going from here?

I feel like the game suffered an identify crisis from the start.
It went from a survival game, to this city simulation, to a stardew valley rip off. That was unfortunate.

I would like to restart this project, as there are SO MANY things I would like to code differently than the original.
However, it will NOT be an “mmo” or hold servers for 64+ players.
I want to make a Multiplayer game, however I think it will be more of a single player game, with the option of online.
Think Factorio or Minecraft, where ideally you can play with up to 5-6 friends, but have just as much fun offline.

On a side note: I’d like to think the community for turning me on to Rimworld, where I’ve spent about 500 hours this year! LOL

Thank you all for the support.