What happened to the Indie MMO?

I owe you all, who have been following this project, an explanation as to why there hasn’t been an update in so long. First, thank you for the support, and input. Your time and thoughts are highly appreciated and will help me in future projects!…

Depth Base Mouse Collision

Mike Daily posted an amazing blog on depth based mouse collision. Had to share it! This is something that I believe everyone will need to know in one of their games, eventually. So check it out HERE!

Sign-Up For a FREE Alpha Key

If you’d like to join our alpha testing phase of the game and receive a free alpha serial key, let us know by joining our mailing list! All who join will receive a free serial key to play the game once our alpha is released….

Survival MMO Devblog #5

Current Version: v0.4 Let there be LIGHT! Lighting System First thing I worked on this week was a good lighting system. I love lighting, because it can change the whole mood and feel of the game. Day / Night Cycles I’ve added day and night…

Survival MMO Devblog #3

Current Version: v0.2.2a Graphics and Sound Shaders & Skin Color At the start of the project I was tediously respriting and recoloring each skin color. There were three skin colors: White, Tan and Black. I’ve now utilized the power of Shaders! This means I can…