Indie MMO DevBlog #12

Game Name?

For the past 12 Devblogs I’ve called this project “SurvivalMMO”, “Survivalnauts” and “IndieMMO”. I really want to give the game a proper name, or at least something I could refer to the project as. I’ve kicked around “Sandusky” and “Starlight Town”. Nothing official yet. Any suggestions? Tweet me.

NPC Dialog

I’m excited about this! NPC Dialog! It’s still in it’s infancy, but when it’s done it will be able be really flexible!

World Objects

Craftable & Placable Tables & Chairs

Chairs and tables are now in the game, and can be crafted! They can also be placed in the game, moved and rotated.

I’ll probably not add the ability to ‘sit’ on the chairs for a long time into the development. But this is an important step in giving players the ability to interact with all objects in the game to some extent, even if that just makes moving them around and rotating them for now.

Toolkit / Game Design Tools

I announced in the last video that I would be developing a toolkit for the game, which would help me basically generate INI files needed for the game to run. This will be developed over time along side the client and the server. It will help me (and others) make necessary changes to the game without having to do any changes to the actual code of the game.
With this tool you will be able to
– Create NPC’s
– Edit certain aspects of the Map
– Create and Edit Quests
– Create Items
– Create Monsters

People have been irritated with me recently, accusing me of being too ambitious.
However, this is not as ambitious as it sounds and it will speed up the development of the game in the long run.
All I’m really doing is making a glorified INI file editor.

INI Files for Items

Items are now ini files rather than created by code in the game. This was actually a major since a lot of the items were hardwired into the code. For this to work I had to make the system more flexible. It created A LOT of glitches and other problems that I’m still hammering out, but it is so worth it!

Crafting Changes

Crafting data is also now configured through the server. This means that the server host can easily change some INI files around to change crafting info for all players. This way I don’t have to make an entirely new build and patch of the game in the future when I need to update crafting things. 🙂

Loading Screen

Server Save / Refreshing

I mentioned in the last video that NPC’s would have homes that could be basically wrecked, but would refresh after the server is saved.
I’ve implemented this into the server.
The server keeps track of what objects need to be refreshed at server save, and does so.
So far it’s just keeping track of tables and chairs, and can tell the difference between chairs/tables placed by the player and the ones that need to be put back in place at server save.

Game Music

I’m not claiming to be the best at composing music, but I did make a little tune for the game using FL Studio!

Other Changes

~ Fixed longstanding glitch that would crash the client if you previous logged out in a different room.
~ Fixed glitch with crafting that was making crafting buttons appear in weird positions.

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One thought on “Indie MMO DevBlog #12

  1. Here are a couple wacky name suggestions for the game.

    BountyBurg- A nane that represents the bounty and town aspects of the game.

    Hamlet Hazzard- I came up with this name when you mentioned the player theft mechanics.

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