Life Sim / Survival Game Update – 3/29/19


I’ve made improvements to the inventory system. It’s actually just a 16 sized ds_list containing the “id” if each other. That ID links to a ds_grid with all the info of that item, such as its name, sprite, and stats.

+ Ability to move around inventory
+ Split stacks and move them
+ Swap items around

Health System

I’m pretty excited about this. The health tab let’s you see how your character is feeling. You can select the body part. There are 5 areas you can check: Head, Chest, Gut, Legs and Arms. If you are injured or sick it will glow red. You can click the body part and it will tell you what’s wrong.

There’s also a 6 slot inventory in the health tab where bandages / medicine will automatically go when picked up.


Added stackable notifications to display info such as when you purchase something / events. I also added Stackable Notifications on GameMaker Marketplace. You can check it out here.

Buy Mode: Info Boxes

Nice little info boxes to added to items in buy mode 🙂

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