MMO Devblog #11

Version: 0.4.8b
Goal: A 1.0 Playable Multiplayer ALPHA Version!

GameMaker Studio 2

The game was originally made in GMStudio 1.4. I’ve been working this week on converting the Client, Server and Main Server (SNON) over to GMStudio 2. I’m pretty excited about this since GMStudio 2 does have a lot of great new features. The game originally transferred to GMStudio 2 with ease. To my surprise, I can run the game just fine within GMStudio 2 with no outstanding issues. This is because GMStudio 2 generates scripts for you, and pretty much makes your game become compatible.

GMStudio2 made 937 changes to my game in order to make it work without issue.

It also generated a number of scripts to replace code that is obsolete in GMS2, which was nice.

Animated Water

Water tiles are now fully animated!

NPC’s and Monsters

I’ve made a lot of changes to NPC’s and Monsters. Originally I was just going to make NPC’s and Monsters a part of the same group, using the same data structures and code. However, which the change of the game direction I thought it necessary to split them into two separate groups that do two totally different things. Monsters are generic creatures that you can kill and get resources and items from. NPC’s will be more dynamic, and will be able to talk, give quests, sell/buy items, etc…

Monster/NPC INI Files

Instead of creating data in the actual server (hitpoints, name, walk speed, etc), I decided to create it in ini files instead. This way, if I need to tweak things with monsters or npcs I can just update an INI file and restart the server rather than creating a whole new server build. I plan to do this for items as well.

Other Changes

~ Sometimes code that needed obj_player was running before obj_player was created resulting in a crash has been fixed.

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