NEW PROJECT! Survival Life Sim Game!

I will be posting regular dev blogs for my latest project, which is a Survival Life Simulation Game! So far I have just been making the basic mechanics of the game, but expect weekly updates on the blog and YouTube!

What is this game?
Think The Sims and a survival game had a baby! You will have some property in which you make a house, furnish it, and then.. live! The goal of the game is to stay healthy mentally, physically, financially, socially and emotionally! This game will have consequences and the environment will be opposing you. Sometimes it will feel down-right unfair. The game is about making a story. For example, you could accidentally be exposed to toxic radiation, get a life-threatening illness, and suddenly you are burdened with medical bills. Hopefully, you made enough money to have health insurance!

Every play-through you will learn something new, and play accordingly. I’d like every play-through to feel completely different than the last.

Here are some gifs:

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