Indie MMO DevBlog #12

Game Name? For the past 12 Devblogs I’ve called this project “SurvivalMMO”, “Survivalnauts” and “IndieMMO”. I really want to give the game a proper name, or at least something I could refer to the project as. I’ve kicked around “Sandusky” and “Starlight Town”. Nothing official yet. Any suggestions? Tweet me….

MMO Devblog #11

Version: 0.4.8b Goal: A 1.0 Playable Multiplayer ALPHA Version! GameMaker Studio 2 The game was originally made in GMStudio 1.4. I’ve been working this week on converting the Client, Server and Main Server (SNON) over to GMStudio 2. I’m pretty excited about this since GMStudio 2 does have a lot…

Snow Monster – A game I made in 2013

This is a project I originally made in 2008, and then remade in 2013 so I could release it in HTML5. It’s called Snowmonster. It’s based off SkiFree, a game released in 1991, which was my favorite game as a child. You guys can check it out here: Hope…

Survival MMO Devblog #10!

Version: 0.4.8 Goal: A 1.0 Playable Multiplayer ALPHA Version! Game Design I’ve been watching and listening too a lot of talks on game design. I’ve probably learned more in the past two months about what makes a game great than in the past 10 years of making indie games! Here…

Depth Base Mouse Collision

Mike Daily posted an amazing blog on depth based mouse collision. Had to share it! This is something that I believe everyone will need to know in one of their games, eventually. So check it out HERE!