Survival MMO Devblog #5

Current Version: v0.4 Let there be LIGHT! Lighting System First thing I worked on this week was a good lighting system. I love lighting, because it can change the whole mood and feel of the game. Day / Night Cycles I’ve added day and night cycles to the game. Each…

Survival MMO Devblog #4

Current Version: v0.3 Sleeping! This was one of the more difficult things I worked on this week since logging and and logging out touches nearly every part of the networking code. You will no longer just disappear and reappear when you log off and on. Instead, you will sleep in-game….

Survival MMO Devblog #3

Current Version: v0.2.2a Graphics and Sound Shaders & Skin Color At the start of the project I was tediously respriting and recoloring each skin color. There were three skin colors: White, Tan and Black. I’ve now utilized the power of Shaders! This means I can handle skin color a lot…

GMStudio Example Highlights #1

Procedural Square World Generation Example Sprite real-time multi-recoloring using shaders WizNet v1.1 – Networking Example WizNet v1.1 FatalSheep’s Tutorial –

Survival MMO Devblog #2

Current Goal: Create a playable v1.0 Alpha. Current Version: 0.2b One lesson I’ve learned in 10+ years of making games is that just because you put a lot of work into your project doesn’t mean it’s FUN for those who play it. Many indie developers ironically fail to realize that…