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Splatternauts is a competitive multiplayer online Paint Ball game that is currently in development. This game takes much inspiration from games like Soldat, Paint Ball 3 EXTREME and Awesomenauts. We will be releasing a public alpha soon!

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Version 0.8 (ALPHA)

Alpha release. Will feature the basic framework of the game, and will be expanded on from there.

The year is 2155AD, Paintball became extremely popular and recognized in many nations as a national competitive sport. Nations began taking their best soldiers and skirmish with other nations in military styled war games that would be televised across the globe.

– 3 Game Modes, CTF, TDM, DM
– Server Lobby
– Server Chat
– Map Maker
– 5 guns, 2 sidearms
– Ability to customize color of character and paintballs


  • V1.0 – EXTREME Paintball
    • Will have all of 0.8 Alpha Features with less bugs ๐Ÿ™‚
  • V1.1 Rise of the Hubbots
    • A.I. added to the game
    • Bug Fixes + GUI Updates
    • Possible Player Accounts added
    • Possible new game mode: Hubbots (Moba styled game mode)
  • V1.2 Advanced Paintball
    • Custom Paint Ball Guns