Survival MMO Devblog #7

Current Version: 0.4.8

NPCs / Farm Animals!

I took the first huge leap towards NPCs and added some non-aggressive farm animals such as chickens, sheep, cows and pigs. This all syncs very smoothy between the server and clients.

So far all they do is walk around and occasionally stop to eat grass.
Here are some planned features with these guys:
– Chickens will lay eggs which can be used as food / hatching more chickens
– Cows can be milked and used as food/hydration
– Sheep can be sheered for their wool to craft and make clothing and other items
– All animals can be killed and harvested for their meat + other resources (feathers, hide, etc)
– Farm animals will be tamable and will follow you for a short time when tamed
– You will have the ability to breed animals and potentially have your own animal farm!
– Perhaps… Mountable horses in the future? 🙂

This is all still a work in progress, and I can’t tell you how much will actually be done before I release a playable alpha.
Also, this gives me a huge step forward towards making enemy ai, and overhauling the combat!

Base Building

Thanks for all the input in the last video. I really got some great ideas that I will be unvealing in future videos!

Resource Cost

Placing items with base building will now cost resources. Repairing your base will also cost resources. This new script also allows me to start implementing crafting as I can now remove “x” amount of resources from the players inventory.

Damage, Destroy, Repair & Upgrade…

You can now damage, destroy or upgrade your walls and foundations!


There is now a new movement system in the game. The system handles collisions very smoothly.
The server and client should also better agree on the position of the player & slaves.
Also fixed a glitch that was passing up the players walking sprites when changing directions, making the player moonwalk.

Server Changes

For the sake of testing, the server can now display a lot more information. You can basically see a rough view of the game world now. This help me a lot when implementing the new movement system. I might remove or expand on this depending on any server performance issues it gives me in the future. Either way, it’s very nice seeing exactly what the server sees for now! 🙂

Other Changes

~ Fixed inventory glitch that was crashing the Client when you moved items around
~ Fixed skin tone glitch that was making some tones look really wonky
~ Updated the stone axe sprite.
+ Servers can now send clients error messages
+ Server has a new command “/resetserver”, this will clear ALL files (player files, server saves) at once and have a fresh server.

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