Survival MMO Devblog #9

Version: 0.4.7
Goal: A 1.0 Playable Multiplayer ALPHA Version!


Finally! Another main feature of the game has been added: Crafting. This wasn’t terribly difficult since I’ve already had much of the machanics for crafting already in the game, only used by other things. For instance, the same script that checks if there are enough resources in the player’s inventory for base building is the same script I use to check for crafting. I also use the same script as I use for base building to remove ‘x’ amount of items from the player’s inventory. The hardest part here was just getting the GUI up and running, which is tedious work that I’ve done hundreds of times.

The crafting is seperated into different categories. When you find an item you want to make, you simply click craft. The server will then check if you have enough resources. If you do, it will then remove those resources from your inventory. Then after you wait whatever the crafting time on that item is, it will appear in your inventory!


Arms have been removed from the body sprite. This means arms can be doing one thing, while the body and legs are doing another. For instance, we can swing a weapon and the arms will play the proper animation and walk at the same time. This completely messed shirts up. So I’ll have to resprite them, and also include swinging animations on every shirt.

This also means, if I want it to look right, I have to make animations for every holdable item for every action and every direction…

Blood Effects

I’ve added a very cool blood effect to the game!


Little notifications will now appear for the player to give him alerts, and display information about crafting.

Other Changes

~ If the cursor was over the inventory when you closed it, it wouldn’t allow you to left click and use hotbar items. I fixed this.
~ Fixed other cursor glitches – I’m sure there are others lingering around.

~ Fixed glitch where dead npc’s were still spawning as if they were alive for new players.
+ If NPC’s are walking when player logs in, they won’t pop around like before, but will be walking.
+ Added another option to NPC’s behavior. They now will sometimes just stand and do nothing. Fun.

Armor Slots
+ You can now throw items onto the ground from your armor slot.

+Damage numbers now appear when you attack NPC’s.

+ You can move (x) amount of items from a stack onto other stacks, or split stacks into new stacks.

Needed features for v1.0

Here are many of the features that need to be complete before we have a working v1.0 Alpha Version! These are not all of the planned features for the game, but only the ones that are needed to be working before we enter into the testing phase!

  • Complete and Expansive Crafting System
  • Expanded combat system – Guns & ammo, bow & arrow,  etc
  • Stat Bars should all work – hunger, thirst, etc…
  • Chatroom Overhaul – Add colors, local/global chat & other features
  • Farming & Gardening – Ability to plant and grow food
  • Base Building should be fully functional – Doors, windows, locks, beds, protective zones around bases
  • Looting System – Lootable corpses… Also will affect campfires, furnaces, etc…
  • Improved lighting system
  • Procedural generated map 
  • Working serial key system
  • Server lobby overhaul
  • Main Menu overhaul
  • Sound track
  • Multiple playable races and planets
  • Expanded NPC’s
  • (Maybe) Complete graphic overhaul! – I may break away from the ‘rpg’ look and move towards a style like Rim World.

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