Survivalnauts Devblog #6

Version: 0.4.5
Goal: A 1.0 Playable Multiplayer ALPHA Version!

Let’s make a multiplayer online survival game my brain said. It’ll be FUN it said… Kidding aside, I am enjoying this! And it’s even more enjoyable when people like you are following the project! I can’t wait to finally have a playable version for us all to survive together on!

New Character Models!! (Again)

Let’s face it, character models have looked horrid up until about now. I’ve finally come up with some character models that I’m pleased with. I’ll now be transitioning the game to fit in with this new art style. I’ll also probably spend this week getting all the kinks worked out as well as making sure all the skin tones look good.

These character models were the last thing I added this week, so some of the screen shots still have the old models.

Line of Sight

I started working on the line of sight system. Currently works well with bases. You will be able to see the foundation (floor) and the outside walls of a base. However, you need to actually go inside of a base to see what’s in it. This way raiders won’t know the layout of your base, or what’s inside… 🙂

In the future, players will be able to see their own base without line of sight.
Line of sight now also affects nodes and items on the ground.
I may also make a memory system, where what you “see” will stay on your screen even after you’re out of the line of sight. However, what’s there will not update or change (if changed by other players) unless you go back and look at it again.

Base Building

Base building is now (finally) officially in the game! Basically this means you can place building objects into the game world, and those objects will load for all the other players. It also saves onto the server. Each base objects in the game are assigned a unique id which contains their hp and who placed them (their owner).

Building Plans

I’ve added Building Plans to the game. While holding this item you are able to choose what kind of base related object you’d like to place into the game world.

Constructing a Base

While holding the building plan, you can place foundations which are also your flooring, and walls whereever the foundations are!


I finished up some work on Containers. You can now equip & unequip armor from containers, as well as swap items from containers back into inventories. Last week you could only move items from your inventory to containers. Moving stacks of items also works well.


Always hated working with sound effects on games, and this is no different. But, oh, what a beautiful difference it makes!
Here are some places I’ve added sounds:
+ The inventory, when you mouse over a slot
+ When you grab an item from your inventory
+ Each item has a unique sound that it place once you move the item
+ Containers make a sound when you open them
+ Sound effect for movement

Walking Sounds

Characters will now make a different sound when walking based on the terrain they are walking on!


I hate dealing with cursors almost as much as dealing with sound – But look! It’s fancy!

Item Name Tags

Dropped items now show name tags. I’m not too pleased with the blue glow, however I do need to add something since the items will blend in too much with the environment, but we’ll see.
I’ve also added item name tags to the inventory/containers as well.

Other Changes

~ Fixed glitch on dead bodies that was making hair displaced
~ Fixed a glitch that was messing up the server-client walking sync when you went to other rooms.
Server was creating multiple players with the same id everytime you changed rooms
+ Added a ‘teleporter’ to change planets, rather than the big black square that’s been there.
+ Did some work with Depth. You now will appear behind other objects like trees and walls instead of walking over top of them.

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