What happened to the Indie MMO?

I owe you all, who have been following this project, an explanation as to why there hasn’t been an update in so long.

First, thank you for the support, and input. Your time and thoughts are highly appreciated and will help me in future projects!

I made the stupid mistake of storing all the game files in Dropbox. That way I could work on the project on my laptop and desktop, and figured if my harddrive went down (which is how I lost a project before) I wouldn’t lose the source code. Well, I ended up putting Dropbox on about 3 other computers where other people were also using dropbox. As files were constantly syncing from device to device, HUNDREDS of files just disappeared. I tried looking for “deleted files” in Dropbox, but could find none. They’re simply gone. These are all, mainly, extremely important scripts that I could never sit and rewrite without just remaking the entire game.

I was keeping backups, but my last backup is not a starting place I want for the game. I learned A LOT from this project. I mean, a lot. In the 10+ years I’ve used GM, I had never made an inventory system before. And to make a fully working inventory system that synced with multiplayer for my first go at it was an achievement I’m proud of.

Where am I going from here?

I feel like the game suffered an identify crisis from the start.
It went from a survival game, to this city simulation, to a stardew valley rip off. That was unfortunate.

I would like to restart this project, as there are SO MANY things I would like to code differently than the original.
However, it will NOT be an “mmo” or hold servers for 64+ players.
I want to make a Multiplayer game, however I think it will be more of a single player game, with the option of online.
Think Factorio or Minecraft, where ideally you can play with up to 5-6 friends, but have just as much fun offline.

On a side note: I’d like to think the community for turning me on to Rimworld, where I’ve spent about 500 hours this year! LOL

Thank you all for the support.

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