WizNet v1.1

Title: WizNet v1.1 – Networking Multiplayer Example
Description: This is an example for GMStudio using the GML networking functions. Handles connecting to a server, chatroom and allowing players to choose a username and movement.
GM Version: Studio
Registered: Yes.
File Type: gmz
File Size: 19kb
File Link: Client Download | Server Download

So, I’m not saying I’m using the best methods at the moment. This project rides off of FatalSleep’s Tutorial. I highly recommend reading his tutorial to understand fully what’s going on in this example.

This is an example to help people learning the GM Networking functions. Basically, this not only shows you how to connect to a server with multiple clients but also shows you how to place player objects, slave objects and then move around the game world in a way that syncs with all clients. It also includes a working chat. Also handles players disconnecting and their object being removed as well. It’s very basic, but can be very helpful.

If you have suggestions or tips I would appreciate them as I’m working to improve my networking skills now. I plan on making this an on-going project and a platform that people will be able to easily create multiplayer games!